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Cupcake Pricing 

Large Cupcake

one cupcake 4.25

two-pack 8.50

four-pack 15.00 (Save)

six pack 21.33  (Save)

 one dozen  pack 40.29

( savings )

two dozen  pack 75.84(20% savings )

Custom Cupcakes 

starting price 5.00 price may very based on design.

Medium Cupcake custom

2.50 each 

 order 24-48hr notice

Italian Cannoli

Vanilla cup cake with cannoli filling top with

whip cream, toasted almonds & cherry

Raspberry Sensation

Vanilla cupcake filled with raspberry marmalade & top with Raspberry mousse

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate cupcake topped with a silky fudge


Key Lime Pie

Vanilla cupcake filled with key lime pie filling,

key lime green whip cream

Chocolate Amaretto

chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate ganache

topped with a Amaretto mousse

Red Velvet

super moist red velvet cupcake contrasted with

our cream cheese frosting

Boston Cream

vanilla cupcake filled a Bavarian custard topped with fudge icing

Peanut Butter & Jelly

vanilla cupcake filled with a raspberry

marmalade topped with a peanut butter mousse


pistachio cupcake topped with pistachio

buttercream & roasted pistachio

German Chocolate

chocolate cupcake, caramel pecan filling, finished with a chocolate buttercream


Chocolate cupcake filled with a white chocolate

Oreo mousse & topped with a chocolate dipped


Tiramisu (Pick me up)

Sponge cupcake soaked in espresso coffee

liqueur, light mascarpone cheese dusted with

cocoa powder

Double Chocolate Delight

Chocolate cupcake, dark chocolate ganache

filling topped with a light chocolate mousse

Southern Pecan

Butter flavored cupcake filled with caramel,

caramel mousse & toasted pecans

Orange Blossom

Orange cupcake topped with orange buttercream

Coconut Rum

Vanilla cupcake soaked with spiced rum, Bavarian custard, whip cream & shredded coconut


Discover this moist carrot cake topped with light & fluffy cream cheese Icing


Chocolate cup cake, chocolate graham cracker

filling, toasted Marshmallow

Nutty Hazelnut 

vanilla cupcake Frangelico, chocolate truffle

filling, hazelnut buttercream

Strawberry Shortcake

vanilla cupcake filled with fresh sliced

strawberries, whip cream & chocolate

dipped strawberries

Ice cream sunday 

vanilla cupcake filled with fresh sliced

strawberries, whip cream & chocolate

dipped strawberries


chicken ,pesto,tomato,mozzarella,

Alaska +2.00



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